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Eddie Simmons

My name is Eddie Franklin Simmons. I was born in a small town called Purvis located in Mississippi. Growing up my father left us, but my mother married a military man who led us to many new places. I?ve even pilgrimaged overseas for a few years as a child.

I guess my identity as an artist started very young making drawings for friends and school projects. Soon I found out through everyone's constant need for this talent that I must be what is called an artist. Asking family about this as a child, I was told that it ran through my father's side of the family. My uncle was a very talented visual artist, and that somehow had been passed down. So it began.

After years and years, I eventually buried art simply because most of my interpretations were through pencil sketches, so for a few years, I didn't pursue art at all. I graduated high school, then some college, got married, had children and started working long hours, leaving behind dreams from childhood. In my heart I longed for something less logical than my work and labor skills, but the bills asked everything of me. I was empty inside. Not that I didn't love and know the values of family and the responsibility of ?real life,? I just felt something was missing that was a part of me. So little by little it all started growing back.

The problem was there was something deeper. I wanted to be a painter, not just a sketcher of lines, but something ?thick & messy?, something different, something innovative! Something no one has ever seen maybe. One day I came across an artist named Francoise Nielly who used Knives! Knives?! How do you do that?! Her work was so beautiful! Also another French painter named VOKA was introduced to me. The colors and bold technique they used were untamed. Perfect! That's all I needed to rekindle the artist nature in me to pursue what you see today.

A concept of new powerful, thick strokes of paint, breathing new life into old images. Using innovative ideas and breaking through barriers of traditional techniques of both color and tools and now even the supports. Who would have thought, instead of canvas . . . glass?! And so now this new adventure in visual art begins. Not only for me, but for new artists to come.

I have not attended any art institutes or universities. I have relied upon my own intuition and passion to drive my interpretations that you see today. I am not prideful. I just didn't have the money, resources or time to attend a school like I wished I could have. All I could hope for is that if there was a gift in me it would just come out naturally. My hope is that someone would enjoy my art work, and that all of us as artist can aspire, schooled or unschooled, to bring visual beauty that comes from our childhood.

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                    SE004 "Marilyn" mixed media on 36"x36" gallery wrapped canvas - $800

                    SE005 "Icons" mixed media on 36"x36" gallery wrapped canvas - $800

                    SE001 "Elvis" oils on 48"x48" glass - $600



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