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Pat Gavin

Pat has been producing high – fired stoneware and raku for over forty-five years and owns and operates Gavin Pottery a company representing both stoneware and decorative raku pottery.

His stoneware is produced by hand using all natural materials of the highest quality. The ware is glazed and fired to 2350 degrees using a natural gas downdraft kiln. His stoneware is oven proof, dishwasher and microwave safe. It is made to be used and enjoyed daily. He also produces a line of raku ware. Raku is a process that was developed in Japan in the 16th century. The use of the raku process was introduced in the U.S. during the 1960's. In this type of firing, the pot is removed from the kiln as it reaches 1800 degrees. It is then placed in a bin full of combustible material in an effort to expose the clay to carbon and give it its characteristic ashen surfaces and dark gray color. Raku is extremely porous and should not be used for food of any kind. Exploring the versatility of clay and firing methods, Pat has recently been producing a series of sculptural pieces, which includes whimsical boats ad houses.

He has also been exploring the human figure, creating people teapots and stand-alone figures including his popular “My Family of Friends” series.
Pat is represented by galleries throughout Mississippi.

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                    GAP001 "Church" ceramic - $105

                    GAP002 "Church" ceramic - $105

                    GAP003 "Church" ceramic - $105

                    GAP004 "Church" ceramic - $105

                    GAP005 "Church" ceramic - $95

                    GAP006 "Church" ceramic - $95

                    GAP007 "Boat" ceramic - $85

                    GAP008 "Boat" ceramic - $85

                    GAP009 "Boat" ceramic - $95

                    GAP010 "Boat" ceramic - $95

                    GAP011 "Duplex" ceramic - $165

                    GAP013 "Single House" ceramic - $95

                    GAP014 "Single House" ceramic - $95

                    GAP015 "Shotgun House" ceramic - $125

                    GAP016 "Shotgun House" ceramic - $125

                    GAP017 "Shotgun House" ceramic - $125



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