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David Nichols - oil painter

“We all express ourselves in different ways . I seek to communicate my vision through art created in an impressionistic style.”

David's approach to impressionism is to create art that is just that, an impression. His paintings capture the essence of the subject, the way it speaks to him. The work may be serene, dramatic or just fun. Many times it stirs a memory for the viewer. His subjects are varied and include contemporary landscapes, figures and city scenes. His paintings typically bring you right in, make you comfortable, and invite you to stay awhile.  
“I enjoy creating images with contrasts via a light source that produces strong high lights and shadows. My current work has softened this approach a bit, but still produces a certain level of drama. I an always seeking new ways to involve the viewer by allowing them to interpret various passages in the painting. In this way, the viewer response to the work will remain fresh over time. Every painting brings a new challenge, but I find nothing else more engaging.”
David holds a BS degree in Industrial Engineering and a masters degree in Business. He worked in the corporate world for 22 years before starting his own art publishing business.
A professional artist for many years , David is accomplished in the mediums of oil, watercolor and acrylic and even though each has its own attraction , he finds the richness of color and the buttery nature of oils the most alluring. He has received numerous awards for his paintings. His works can be found in private and corporate collection sin the USA and abroad.
Most days you can find David in this studio in front of his easel creating a new impression.




David Nichols ND41 "French Cottage" - oils on 40"x40" - $1,800

David Nichols ND42 "Living Water" - oils on 36"x48" gallery wrap - $1,900

David Nichols ND43 "Tranquil Waters" - oils on 36"x36" gallery wrap - $1,500

David Nichols ND44 "Distant Shore" - oils on 24"x36" gallery wrap - $900

David Nichols ND45 "Passing Storm" - oils on 12"x12" canvas framed to 14.5"x14.5" - $425

David Nichols ND46 "Evening Clouds" - oils on 12"x12" canvas framed to 14.5"x14.5" - $425


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