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Sandy Hodgson - oil & encaustic painter

Most of the subjects of my paintings are inspired by the land that my family has owned and cultivated for eight generations.  It is the same land where I spent my childhood running among the cotton fields and red clay of Monroe County, Alabama. 
I spent countless hours roaming through the pastureland and creating forts among the tall pines that provided hiding spots from the eyes of the grownups. The trees were a shelter, a sanctuary actually, where I would spend hours drawing in my sketchbooks and letting my imagination and spirit wander.
That spirit remains forever connected to the bucolic landscapes of my youth.  It is within the continuum of spirit to land and the unbroken connection of a people to a place that my landscapes are rendered. In my work, the concept of layering applies not only to the paint, but to the generational layering that is inseparable from the southern landscape.
Even my abstract paintings usually begin life as an idea of a landscape and I push and pull with shapes and colors until the forms are completely abstracted.  I continue to explore the concept of layering with oils and encaustics and enjoy building rugged textures that mimic the land around me. 


                    HBS32 "Big Sky" oils on 36"x36" gallery wrap canvas  - $950

                    HBS33 "Summer Sky" oils on 30"x30" gallery wrap canvas  - $750

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