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Bart Pass oils

                         PRB027  "Sliced Cantaloupe"  oil on 24"x18" board framed to  31"x 25"  SOLD


                         PRB026  "Lacquer Box & Clementines"  oil on 20"x16" board framed to  29"x 23"  SOLD


                      PRB23  "Still Life with Antique Carpet "  oil on 20x24"canvas  framed to 25"x 29" SOLD

                        PRB021  "Grape Harvest"  oil on 20"x24" board in gold framed to  25"x 29"  SOLD

                      PRB017  "Pomegranates with Yellow Vase"  oil on 20"x16" board framed to  25"x 21"  SOLD

                       PRB28 "Candy Stripe Amaryllis"  oil on 11"x14" canvas framed to  17"x20 "   SOLD

                       PRB27 "Sea Green Jug Still Life"  oil on 20"x24" canvas framed to  26"x30 "   SOLD

                         PRB028  "Blizzard White Roses"  oil on 20"x16" board framed to  27"x 23"  SOLD








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