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Priscilla Cunningham

Priscilla has had a keen interest in many kinds of art since she was encouraged and complimented by one of her favorite grammar school teachers.
She took her first oil painting class in the late nineteen sixties and followed that by private instruction in the early eighties. Since returning to Memphis in 1989, Priscilla has studied techniques of oil painting, watercolor, drawing, and sculpting from several instructors in the Memphis area. She studied “vibrant color” techniques for over three years at the Art Department in Memphis. Priscilla has also studied under renowned southwestern artist Ann Templeton, and went on location in Alaska to study Jim Ellsberry’s practical application of outdoor painting with a limited palette. Most recently she has taken a Plein Air workshop from John Torina and Robert Malone, and painted with Pinkney Herbert in the Umbria region of Italy.
“I’m sure that I am not unique in trying to d two things at once as an artist. For the past fourteen years or so, my first love has been the medium of oils. I truly love the impressionism and the European locales of the early impressionists, and I have tried to interpret old world European scenes from the many photographs given to me by family and friends and also from photographs I took on recent trips to Italy. I have also expanded my work with on location landscapes from the MidSouth and as Alaskan trip. With oils I am always trying to capture a scene, either from photographs or on location, although I may not interpret exactly as the scene appears, and I am always searching for and interpreting scenes that are interesting, beautiful and that I think others might enjoy.” says Priscilla.
“Most of my work with acrylics is much different. Abstract impressionism comes close to what I am attempting to accomplish with my landscapes and florals. When in abstract mode I am striving for a freer form of expression. I do love to paint with a realistic flair and I draw on my experience of several years in painting oils. I couldn’t have done the freer acrylics without experience and training in the basics of oil landscapes.”
I’m still very much searching for my identity as an artist and truly feel that “much of the fun is in the hunt”. I don’t know exactly what medium of expression I will be using in ten years – God permitting, but know that I will still be experimenting and loving all of it.”

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            Name       CP735-16 "Italian Spring" - acrylic with high gloss finish on gallery wrapped canvas 36"x36" - $1,450

            Name       CP857-16 "Approaching Spring" - oils on 16"x20" canvas framed to 19.5"x23.5" - $575

            Name       CP863-16 "Riding the City of New Orleans" - oils on gallery wrapped canvas 30"x48" - $1800

            Name       CP673-16 "Mountains in Umbria" - oil and cold wax on gallery wrapped canvas 40"x30" - $1,200


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