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Becky Barnett oils and acrylics about the artist

Becky began her art career as an accomplished graphic artist and illustrator but chose to concentrate on her painting career for the past 14 years. She began her studies of fine art and painting at The Art Institute of Houston then Belhaven College. She finished her undergraduate studies at Mississippi College in 2004 and received her Master of Fine Art degree from Mississippi College in 2007.  She currently teaches art at three Mississippi universities. Oil is her medium of choice.


                     BB372 "The Woodlands" - acrylics on canvas 30"x40" framed to 32"x42"- $1,100

                     BB371 "Eagles" - acrylics on canvas 16"x20" framed - $500

                     BB365 "Contemplation" - oils on canvas 24"x24" - $550

                     BB361 "Bun Bun" - oils on canvas 5"x7" framed to 6"x8"- $160

                    BB350 "B&W Cow" - oils on canvas 11"x14"- $225

                    BB341 "Girl" - oils on canvas 18"x14" framed to 20"x16"- $400

                     BB336 "Blue Jay" - oils on canvas 8"x10" framed to 11"x13"- $260

                     BB333 "The Marsh" - oils on canvas 8"x10" framed to 11"x13"- $260

                     BB337 "Seaside" - oils on canvas 6"x8" framed to 9"x11"- $200

                     BB330 "Jazz" - oils on canvas 18"x24" - $550











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