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Anita Westerberg oils

Anita was born in Obbola, Sweden. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in education and then teaching for 18 years, she moved to Mobile, Alabama where she attended the University of South Alabama and received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

For Anita, painting is an immediate and spontaneous response to inspiration in which one stroke leads to the next; it is indeed a journey where the final destination is unknown. Wherever her artistic journey takes her, Anita is not afraid of color! Color is the impetus that drives her forward. In fact, she believes that color is “music to the eye”.

She paints whatever interests her, be it color or shape. She feels that the excitement generated by the creative process is far more important than the subject matter. When Anita’s painting begins to take form, there is no way to stop the flow of the brush and the paint-knife over the canvas as it captures that special moment of creativity.

Anita’s Scandinavian heritage has given her a special gift to transfer some “Nordic Light” to her paintings. Two typically Scandinavian elements- light and water- are evident in her works.

Anita is an award-winning artist, including numerous “Best of Show” awards. She has her work in private and corporate collections in the USA and several European countries.



              WA131  "Summer Breeze"  - oils on 20"x20" canvas framed to 28.5"x28.5"  -  $725

              WA133  "Flowers"  - oils on 20"x24" studio wrapped canvas  -  $675

              WA134  "Lady in Red"  - oils on 12"x24" studio wrapped canvas  -  $425

              WA135  "Hilltop"  - oils on 8"x16" studio wrapped canvas  -  $375



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