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Cliff Speaks - painter

The paintings of Cliff Speaks are rich integrations of traditions such as the Mexican Muralists, Abstract Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism and Pop Art. They draw on the approaches of a variety of artists including Jackson Pollack, Vincent van Gough and Henry Moore.
Cliff, who considers his works “temporary conclusions to ongoing ideas,” arrived at painting by way of graphic design, a background which serves well his efforts to transmute the realm of the ear to the realm of the eye. Line, form, and design under the hegemony of color lay down patterns of syncopation, beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, chord and scale. Instrument, instrumentalist and music merge into single visual compositions that “sound” joyful notes to optic nerves. Cliff says, “I am especially attracted to music. Music often is a theme in my work. I ‘see’ blues, punk, rock, rockability, classical, and soul.”
In addition to his abstract and abstract-figurative paintings, Cliff produces pure figurative works. He is a master at creating visual performance on canvas. The viewer cannot help but recognize the type: self, friend, family member or universally-known stranger. His great affection for southern culture and imagery is the impelling inspiration.
Cliff’s abstract depictions and his figurative representations, both driven by a powerful use color, endear the archetype, lift it to a joyful, soulful place and offer it to the viewer as refreshment for heart and mind.
Cliff, who has been painting for six years, holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. He has done commissions for Three Doors Down and Pearl River Casino. His works appear in galleries and exhibits from coast to coast. He lives and works in Brandon, Mississippi.


                          SCJ218 "She's Gone" oils on 36"x36" gallery wrapped canvas  $850

                          SCJ219 "Down South Delta" oils on 24"x48" gallery wrapped canvas  $850








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