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Mary Parker Buckley acrylic about the artist



                    bm506 "Holding Space" - acrylic on 36"x36" gallery wrapped canvas  $1,550

                    bm507 "Reaching" - acrylic on 30"x40" gallery wrapped canvas  $1,550

                    bm508 "Quiet Joy" - acrylic on 24"x30" gallery wrapped canvas  $850

                    bm509 "Lilacs" - acrylic on 18"x24" gallery wrapped canvas  $350

                    bm505 "Still Waters" - acrylic on canvas 36"x48" framed to 37.5"x49.5"  $1,900

                     bm495 "The Village" - acrylic on canvas 48"x48"  $2,000

                    bm492 "Meadow Green" - acrylic on canvas 15"x30"  $800

                    bm493 "Sunken Trace" - acrylic on canvas 30"x40"  $1,550

                    bm494 "Safe and Sound" - acrylic on canvas 30x40"  $1,550

                    bm487 "Rising Flowers" - acrylic on canvas 36"x 36"  $1550




















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